Yawning - Noah

fluttery record

1 - Noah (7:50)
2 - Mourning (3:43)
3 - The One I Cherish (6:59)
4 - Blessed Moment (2:41)

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Majiczek - See ya tomorrow, Emily

01. A Rainy Journey To Slovakia (2:07)
02. Hymn For The Homeless (3:48)
03. Kierunek Woschod (3:35)
04. Fourty Fourty (4:54)
05. Promenade (3:26)
06. Interludium A (2:03)
07. Goodbye Big Crocodile (1:38)
08. Suburban Hills (3:08)
09. Father Mother Sister (2:53)
10. Interludium B (2:46)
11. Lazy Hymn (2:59)
12. Clouds In My Head (2:05)
13. Opto Song (2:54)
14. It's A Long Way Off (3:58)

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Minimetro - Entra In Comune


01. Connie Confield Island (4:06)
02. Inter People Of Works (3:07)
03. Thomas Meets The Prince In The Journey To The East (3:31)
04. Genre Is Not Dead (4:40)
05. Il Deserto Rosso (2:04)
06. Thomas Thinks About Dead In Sunny Spain (5:43)
07. Calm Down (2:33)
08. Background To The End (8:32)

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Un vortice di bassa pressione - Anonymous said


Un vortice di bassa presione is a project by Attilio Novellino (born in Catanzaro in 1983) in which guitar loops, samples, electronic filtering, field recordings and piano melodies are used to build dreamy and melancholy soundscapes, to draw floating layers of material that decomposes slowly, to launch dronic textures that become noises. Reflective and descriptive ambient music, streaked with misty romanticism, characterized by a pronounced emotional side that combines post-industrial visions, classicist glows, pictures and memories into static electricity in turmoil.

01 Bird's Eye Wall
02 Escher's Perspectives
03 Tempesta neurovegetativa
04 To Repel Ghosts
05 Hydrocoma Pt.1
06 Hydrocoma Pt.2

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Motohiro Nakashima


And I Went To Sleep [2004]

1 Meow (3:14)
2 Tuesday (6:59)
3 Landlocked (5:42)
4 Potala (2:13)
5 Shh (3:16)
6 Nightfall (8:20)
7 Rain (4:14)
8 Yap (2:55)
9 Siemreap (3:53)
10 Sob (5:27)
11 Zzz (2:38)

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I Dreamt Constellation Sang [2006]

01 Awaking 2m 33s
02 Stanly Park 5m 13s
03 Childhood 8m 8s
04 Lost Lagoon 6m 16s
05 Sigh 3m 58s
06 The River Has Frozen Over 5m 16s
07 Asleeping in the Sunshine 6m 39s
08 Night Bugs sing silently 5m 48s
09 Moonlight 5m 12s
10 Looking for my constellation 5m 36s
11 Fireworks 5m 41s
12s Starbright Reflected in the Rivers of Canada 10m 11s
13s Smile and Yawn 2m 57s

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We Hum on the Way Home [2009]

01 - Through the Window
02 - Family
03 - Tragedy of Our Field
04 - A Few Minutes Before the Dawn
05 - The Southern Cross
06 - Two Horses
07 - Song Before You Came
08 - Duck Pond Evening
09 - Mom Piano
10 - A Cat See the World Spinning Round
11 - Homeward Bound

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Mountains - Choral


1) Choral 12:53
2) Map Table 5:37
3) Telescope 8:18
4) Add Infinity 9:11
5) Melodica 12:31
6) Sheets Two 2:38

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Mamoru Fujieda - Patterns of plants I &II

A leading figure of Japan’s postminimalism movement, Mamoru Fujieda was born in 1955 and first studied composition at the Tokyo College of Music, then received his Ph.D. in music from University of California, San Diego in 1988. Fujieda is internationally recognized as one of music’s outstanding younger composers. Working with artists such as John Zorn, Yuji Takahashi, and Malcolm Goldstein, he composes music that emerges from his fascination with the essentially collaborative formation of music. Fujieda has developed methods of composition that depart from the minimalist tradition, charting a new terrain that liberates music from subjectivity by immersing it in a network of relationships.

Among his numerous methods, he has pioneered a new structure of composition that he calls `parasitic´, since it consists of grafting new material onto a `rhizome´ of original melody borrowed from sources such as Bach, Gregorian chant, or medieval secular music. Whether working with the Butoh dancer Setsuko Yamada to produce sound sculptures that emerge from a mutual reaction between the dancer and objects that she touches, or reading the minute electrical currents flowing through an orchid to express nature’s undulations, Fujieda’s work represents an innovative approach that fuses technology to biology, composer to performer, and music to audience. His The Night Chant and the first six collections of Patterns of Plants appear on the Tzadik label. [last.fm]


patterns of plants

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Paterns of plants II

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Bosques de mi mente - Nueve días de invierno


"Por desgracia al final ninguno de mis amigos pudo presentarse, así que decidí grabar de todas maneras yo solo. El proceso tuvo lugar los días 20 a 28 de febrero de 2010, días de frío, viento, lluvia y nieve en Madrid. Este album es el resultado de esos nueve días de invierno, un disco melancólico, intimista y minimalista. Los temas son todos improvisados conforme la música surgía, grabados directamente en primera toma. Espero que lo disfrutéis. La portada es obra de mi gran amigo y mejor fotógrafo Diego Sevilla.

Unfortunately, none of my friends could join me for that nine days, so I decided to play and record them myself. The process took place between the 20th and 28th of February, days of cold weather, rain, wind and snow here in Madrid. This album is the result of that nine days of winter, a disc of melancholic, intimate, minimalist music. The songs are all improvised as they were recorded just while the music was being played, directly in first takes. Hope you'll enjoy it. The cover pic is the work of my good friend and best photographer Diego Sevilla."

01 6:00 am (6:39)
02 Copos de nieve (3:08
03 Escapaste por el ventanal abierto (2:10)
04 Cierra los ojos un momento, recuerda... (3:50)
05 El transcurrir de las horas (3:14)
06 El peso del silencio (5:02)
07 Un rayo de luz entró por la ventana y, por un instante, me encontré en paz conmigo mismo (3:19)
08 Una hora de lluvia incesante (1:33)
09 Puedo ver tu casa desde aquí (1:29)
10 Nueve días de invierno (3:42

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Sonicbrat - Silent Audiographies

silent audiographies | 静默的散文 is a series of 12 minimalist sound and music expositions recorded over a period of one and a half years from 2008 to 2009; accompanied by 12 proses and passages written by sonicbrat.


01. audiography_001 (03:23)
02. audiography_002 (04:25)
03. audiography_003 (04:04)
04. audiography_004 (07:47)
05. audiography_005 (06:28)
06. audiography_006 (10:50)
07. audiography_007 (03:15)
08. audiography_008 (03:50)
09. audiography_009 (05:22)
10. audiography_010 (07:56)
11. audiography_011 (04:04)
12. audiography_012 (03:52)

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