Music for no movies - Violent zen

Music For No Movies is Federico Fantuz's (from Italy, Bologna) electro-acoustic / ambient tunes. With his guitar strings and ambient pads he creates a warm cinematic atmosphere. Violent Zen is his 11 piece debut.
The different tracks aim at ecstatic, evocative and dilated atmospheres.
More precisely they are intimistic and rarefied melodies, distant and unsettling sounds, odd times and grotesque echoes.
The core of all the arrangements is the search of an intensity and a sense of suspension that resembles somehow the suspended feeling one has watching a movie.
These tracks are in search of stories, tales, emotional states and moving images.
Music for No Movies starts from the end, that is it writes music for images that don't exist and haven’t found a place yet. flutteryrecords


1) Earth Job
2) Air Games
3) Space Trees
4) The Dog and the Downpour
5) Waterquake
6) Fire and Sky
7) Arvo Moon
8) Wind Wash
9) Stupid American Elephant Drunk Joy Joke
10) Glace Et Soleil
11) Gold Snow

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