Loud & Sad - Every other sun, on every other horizon

Every other sun, on every other horizon

You hold in you hands the first ep from loud&sad. What follows are the recommended conditions for listening to the enclosed audio.

1. Spend your evening as you normally would, but forgo sleep. Stay awake until just before morning.

2. Choose an interesting intersection, one that is normally busy during the day and go there. Face the horizon at the point where the sun will rise.

3. At exactly 8 minutes, 30 seconds before sunrise, begin this cd*.

4. Open your eyes and ears...

Please feel free to tell us of your experiences: runblip@gmail.com Or leave an audio or voice message at 267.639.8015

*For the intended listening experience, we recommend using headphones with a wide frequency response (no earbuds please) and cd quality audio.

Orchard & Ponds - Snakes in the wood pile

Label: Fuzzy panda

1. frist
2. bay windows over winch
3. thruway on bicycle
4. jackson station
5. tome
6.camp meeting
7. belvidere
8. linton run’s november jacket
9. theodore
10. basin run
11. old cutty new houses

Listen & download in 160 kbps