Orchard & Ponds - Low resistance


1. the sun has gone cold
2. cloudy head clear vision
3. shimmering through amongst a legion of slippers
4. you mean used new

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Concert silence - 09.22.2007[2-3pm]

Concert Silence is Matthew Robert Cooper (Eluvium) and Charles Buckingham.

part 1 6:14
part 2 9:48
part 3 8:33
part 4 10:34
part 5 7:03
part 6 8:35

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pq - Louise On Earth


Expanding Records starts up a new series of limited edition 7"s, kicking off with this extremely well-dressed 45 by Belgian duo Samir Bekaert and Maarten Vandewalle (aka pq). The A-side takes on a delicate, highly atmospheric folk character, with simple acoustic guitar arpeggiations lining a path for the impossibly frail and beautiful vocals of 14 year old singer Louise Raes (after whom the single is named). Flip over and you'll hear a similarly stark and unadorned piano solo, conjuring a haunting, reverberant quality. A splendid return for Expanding's 7" series

1. Louise on earth 2:26
2. Countdown to Elise 3:16

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