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Un vortice di bassa presione is a project by Attilio Novellino (born in Catanzaro in 1983) in which guitar loops, samples, electronic filtering, field recordings and piano melodies are used to build dreamy and melancholy soundscapes, to draw floating layers of material that decomposes slowly, to launch dronic textures that become noises. Reflective and descriptive ambient music, streaked with misty romanticism, characterized by a pronounced emotional side that combines post-industrial visions, classicist glows, pictures and memories into static electricity in turmoil.

01 Bird's Eye Wall
02 Escher's Perspectives
03 Tempesta neurovegetativa
04 To Repel Ghosts
05 Hydrocoma Pt.1
06 Hydrocoma Pt.2

download in 320 kbps

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  1. que buen tema!! "Why not" me dejo pa adentro!!

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